Haicheng City Pailou Town Fada Mining Co,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Developed Mining) is located in Haicheng Pailou Town, Liaoning Province, which is known as the "Magnesium Capital of the World". Set magnesite, talc mining, magnesium product development, product processing, production and sales in one of the Magnesite Industry private enterprises. Companies adhering to the "quality first, customer first; abide by contracts, honest management; abide by discipline and law, harmonious development; serve the community, share success."

Haicheng City Pailou Town Fada Mining Co,Ltd.

Address: No. 1059, Pailou Village, Pailou Town, Haicheng City

Tel: Ms. Han 15042225390

Mail box:641860462@qq.com

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Private enterprises in Magnesite Industry selling in one

  • 2018-09-27 Tomorrow of Magnesium Bal...

    China is the world's largest producer, consumer and exporter of light burnt magnesia balls. China's light burnt magnesia ball industry has supported the rapid development of iron and steel. Ho...

    Tomorrow of Magnesium Ball Manufacturer Light Burning Magnesium Ball Industry
  • Magnesium 60 Light Burned Magnesium Balls
    Magnesium 60 Light Burned... 2017-12-14

    The company supplies light burnt magnesia ball, model 60. The parameters are: model / specification ...

  • Supply of High Quality Light Burned Magnesium Balls
    Supply of High Quality Li... 2017-12-14

    Main Uses of Products: Light-fired magnesia ball is a new material for converter steelmaking and sla...

  • Direct Sale of Light Burned Magnesium Balls from Final Slag of High Quality Converter
    Direct Sale of Light Burn... 2017-12-14

    Direct Sale of Light Burned Magnesium Balls from Final Slag of High Quality ConverterConverter final...

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